"In the 4 weeks I've been working with Jeff and my new pound hound, I've seen a staggering difference in my dog's behavior." - Dorothy M.


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My Dog Training Clients and Their Humans

The following are excerpts from recent client testimonials. You can read these reviews and others in their entirety by clicking on the red yelp button below.

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Dog's Name: Cooper
Breed: Dachshund Mix
Owners: Dave W. & Katherine N.
Location: San Francisco
Issues: Fear-based reactivity to visitors in the home and strangers in general
Dog Training Clients Dave & Katherina and Bailey

"We're working through some fear and anxiety issues with our two-year-old rescue mutt, Cooper, and Jeff has been indispensable. Dr. Jeannine Berger at the SPCA has given us a behavior modification plan that we're trying our best to implement, which is where Jeff has been such a great help.

The obvious: he knows dog behavior cold, and has a wealth of training experience to draw on, and he's constantly learning. With another trainer we tried, we had one session and never heard from him again. Not Jeff. His follow-up is second to none. He's not so dogmatic (no pun intended) about any single methodology that he won't modify a training plan to fit the dog. We've worked with four different trainers, and while they all have strengths, Jeff really hit the sweet spot for us.

Cooper is fearful/anxious around strangers, and protective of our house, which means it's difficult for us to have guests, and he needs management when he's around others. Jeff has helped us practice introducing Cooper to people in our house, and we've already seen progress. In addition, Jeff recommended that we record our sessions, which we wouldn't have thought to do, and that video will be extremely handy to show others the introduction process before we ask them to do it.

Along the way, Jeff has also helped us grow as trainers (which you become by default when you adopt your first dog), and I already feel more confident teaching Cooper different behaviors. As Jeff says, each thing you teach your dog is like learning a bit more of a foreign language, and our doggie French is improving, so to speak.

So that's basically it. Jeff knows his stuff, and you won't get better support from anyone else. Cooper still has a couple of issues (and he might for the whole of his life, regardless of how well or how much we train him), but we're extremely happy to have Jeff's help as we work through them."

Dogs' Names: Sarah & Bodie
Breed: Labrador Retrievers
Owner: Robin D.
Location: Concord
Issues: Poor leash skills, lack of obedience and command training
Dog Training Clients Robin with Sarah and Bodie

"Jeff is amazing. I have two labs, one of which is in his 'terrible twos' and Jeff taught me how to bring calm and ease into our dog walks! Jeff has given me hope that sanity will grace my home again. I have a pretty good grasp of dog behavior, but Jeff gave me structure and a plan to be a happier and healthier Dog Mommy.

On a more personal note, Jeff is personable, intelligent, and exudes a zen-like calm that makes it easy to be around him. He is a very clear communicator (makes sense, I suppose) and an excellent teacher. His training methods are sensible, easy to imitate (at first, until I have more confidence), and implement. His follow-through is thorough and reassuring.

To all the Dog Parents out there, Jeff is a pro. Do it right the first time, hire Jeff, and you and your quad family will live happily ever after!"

Dog's Name: Bailey
Breed: Blue Heeler / Jack Russell Mix
Owners: Sharon & Don E.
Location: Columbia South Carolina & San Francisco
Issues: Leash reactivity to other dogs, fear-based aggression, lack of general obedience
Dog Training Clients Sharon and Don & Bailey

"We took a month driving cross country with our two dogs, Missy and Bailey. Bailey, a blue healer/Jack Russel mix, was a rescue and wasn't that well behaved when we left. After arriving in SF, the sounds of the city scared him and other dogs put him on edge. We're here until December and after having had a bad episode in San Diego, I knew we needed help (probably for me as much as for Bailey).

So with the recommendation from someone at the local pet store here I called Jeff. He came over and I was immediately impressed with him. He walked in the door and the dogs didn't bark (or bark much) and they were enthralled with him. He spent a good couple of hours working with us, talking about possible reasons for Bailey's behavior and how we can help him. Jeff gave us tons of great information and showed us different techniques to use based on the situation. He also has followed up several times and is coming back to make sure we're all doing alright and to check on our progress.

I've dealt with a couple other trainers in the past. One at home that successfully helped us with Missy and another back home who attempted to help us with Bailey. Jeff by far was the best of those three. I highly recommend Jeff and Better Nature Dog Training."

Dog's Name: Mak
Breed: Terrier Mix
Owners: Garrett C. and John R.
Location: San Francisco
Issues: Leash reactivity to other dogs, general fearfulness
Dog Training Client Garrett and John & Cuda

"What a great experience for our rescue terrier and us! Jeff was very professional and explained his method of training from the get go. Easy to get an appointment and on the weekend! Exchanged emails before hand and he gave great advice on some training tools to get before we even met.

Jeff trained me as well as our dog. He saw my anxiety and explained how Mak (our westie) could pick up on it and how being more relaxed and in control would benefit Mak and lessen his anxiety. We started out in the house and then hit the streets of San Francisco. Typically Mak goes nuts when he sees, hears or smells another dog. With our new Gentle Leader and training from Jeff, Mak made HUGE improvements in our first session.

Jeff left us with more training tools at the end of our session and followed up with emails and additional info and to check on our progress. Thanks Jeff!"

Dog's Name: Cuda
Breed: Pitbull Terrier
Owners: Hector and Nellie R.
Location: South San Francisco
Issues: Dog aggression and leash pulling
Dog Training Client Nellie & Hector and Cuda

"Jeff trained Cuda to walk without pulling, chasing or looking at other dogs... He encouraged us to be the pack leaders and showed us two new commands. He was very helpful, arrived at our home on time and went straight to work… After our first session Cuda improved and stopped pulling!

Jeff also kept in touch and was asking for updates on Cuda's behavior, which made us feel like he really cares about his job and Cuda. A few days ago Cuda was barking a lot at our neighbors, I gave him a quick text, he called back and gave us tips/solutions for our problem. Jeff works wonders and is easy to work with."

Dog's Name: Mochi
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Owners: Ginny M. and Nitin M.
Location: San Francisco
Issues: New puppy training, including potty training
Dog Training Client Ginny & Nitin and Mochi

"Jeff is wonderful! He came to our home and answered all our questions about our first-time puppy, Mochi. He taught us how to train her properly, and has been completely available to us for any follow-up questions or concerns since then. More than anything else, I really appreciate Jeff's patience, and his wonderful customer service. It is clear that he really cares about our pup and how she is progressing. Thanks Jeff!"

Dog's Name: Maya
Breed: French Bulldog
Owners: Todd A., owner of Mudpuppy's Tub and Scrub dog washing service
Location: San Francisco
Issues: Aggression & charging customers coming into the store
Dog Training Client Todd and Maya

""I have a French Bulldog and she is ridiculously smart...and stubborn as a mule when she wants to be. Hence, she has a couple of "problematic" behaviors, most notably, charging at other dogs and people who enter "her" space. She's not violent, but she's loud and territorial enough to scare some people, and most kids.

Jeff came to visit for an hour, and had a little conversation with her and me, and taught us both a few things. In that single hour, my girl figured out that racing toward visitors while barking her head off was not necessary. It was pretty funny to watch... for the first half of the session she kept staring at Jeff, her eyes saying, "Who the hell are you?!?" But, this was soon followed by an obvious level of respect for him, as she acquiesced, happily even. Incredible!

Jeff also taught me simple commands to keep Maya in line, while never forgetting that she's a dog who wants to be good and earn attention; simple, yet profound concepts that I know many of us dog parents aren't aware of, or simply choose to ignore. Needless to say, Jeff rocks. I was lucky to get some of his time to work with my girl. I hope you do too! Thanks, Jeff!"

Dog's Name: Sanford
Breed: Miniature Poodle
Owners: Jack T. and Jennifer C.
Location: Daly City
Issues: New puppy training; fearfulness
Dog Training Clients Jack & Jen and Sanford

""We promptly read Yelp reviews and decided to call Jeff. Jeff came to our home, assessed us and our puppy (puppy was shy) and came up with a plan (puppy wouldn't take treats so we had to do "shaping".) Then, not only did he give us hands on training that day on how to walk our dog, "shape" our dog and train him out of the anxiety, he returned the next day to loan us a baby gate.

Since that first training session Jeff has checked in on us with phone calls and emails and returned for a follow-up training session too. He was impressed with our puppy's progress and announced him 80% improved and that's just 2.5 weeks later. This is not only a success for us and our puppy, but a true testament to Jeff's knowledge, patience and ability to keep us in line too. We are happier puppy parents since calling Jeff and highly recommend him."

Dog's Name: Jackson
Breed: French Bulldog
Owner: Juanita M.
Location: San Francisco
Issues: New puppy training
Dog Training Client Juanita M. and Jackson

""Jeff could see that I want a happy, well-behaved dog and has helped design some really simple guidelines for me to follow to make that happen. Jackson has been doing great with leash training. He stops at every cross walk and sits before crossing. All in all your suggestions have been great. Thank you again!"

Dog's Name: Critter
Breed: Chihuahua mix
Owners: Tyler and Laura K.
Location: San Rafael
Issues: Fearful rescue dog, not potty trained, refused to go for walks
Dog Training Client Critter and Laura & Tyler K.

""Jeff did a great job with our rescue dog, Critter. She is an 18 month Chihuahua that was in a hoarding situation. When we got her, she was terrified of the world, wouldn't walk on a leash, would only use a potty pad, thought she owned me, and was very scared of my husband.

After one day with Jeff, she now walks for over an hour everyday with us, goes to the bathroom outside (most of the time), isn't as possessive, and is starting to bond with my husband. What a miracle! Working with Jeff has allowed us to have the dog we always dreamed of. I can't recommend him enough. Best of luck to you and your dog!"

Dog's Name: Chachi
Breed: Mixed breed
Owner: Ryan A.
Location: San Francisco
Issues: Leash reactivity (towards other dogs)
Dog Training Client Ryan and Chachi

""I have an 8 year old, sweet but aggressive at times, dog who needed a leader. I've spent years working around his bad behavior and making excuses for it. Jeff showed me how to lead my dog and keep him focused on our walks. We are now on a path toward less stress for both of us on walks. Jeff's techniques worked immediately. I'm so thankful for his guidance and check-ins to be sure we are on track. I highly recommend Jeff and his gentle leading."

Dog's Name: Zoe
Breed: Labrador mix
Owners: Jeff and Amy B.
Location: San Francisco
Issues: Leash reactivity; leash pulling; fear of skateboards
Dog Training Client Jeff and Zoe

""For my five year old Labrador Retriever Zoe, I had two problems I needed Jeff's help with: First, she was bad on leash (pulls, some leash rage) and second, she goes nuts around skate boarders. I had tried other dog trainers and classes, and no other training method or dog trainer worked to address these two problems. For the leash issues, Jeff and I worked together. After just a couple of sessions (mostly training me, as my dog complied with Jeff within just a few minutes) things are much better. For the skateboard issue, Jeff spent time with my dog without me to help desensitize her to skateboards. I can highly recommend Jeff. My only regret is that I didn't find him earlier."

Dog's Name: Magpie
Breed: McNab/Boxer mix
Owners: Johnny and Giselle B.
Location: San Francisco & Grass Valley
Issues: Leash pulling, hyperactive and fearfulness
Dog Training Client Johnny & Giselle and Magpie

""We are fortunate to have found Jeff at this very important stage in our puppy's life. We'd given up on the general obedience training classes realizing that our dog is not particularly treat motivated. We needed to get to the next level quickly and Jeff is a natural at communicating with our puppy while patiently teaching us the best way to approach training.

We experienced instant results after the first loose leash walking session. Our 9-month-old puppy is responding incredibly well. Just the right amount of discipline is actually enhancing her free spirit and personality. It's nice to find a dog trainer we trust that gives our puppy such direct focused training. Looking forward to continued sessions with Jeff."

Dog's Name: Stella
Breed: Labrador mix
Owners: Alex and Heather B.
Location: San Francisco
Issues: Rescue dog, fearfulness
Dog Training Client Stella and Alex

""Jeff is awesome! The second he walked in my house, it was like an episode of the Dog Whisperer! My dog Stella (a super sweet but very fearful lab mix), has a tendency to bark and growl a lil when strangers enter the house. Well, not with Jeff! He walked right in...not a peep from Stella. Jeff sat on the couch and Stella sat right next to him, it was amazing!!! That really speaks for itself. Jeff really understands the dog's mind.

We then went for a walk around the neighborhood, where Jeff, pointed out all the things that I was doing wrong (causing the unwanted behavior btw). My block is currently undergoing construction, so it was a perfect time to challenge her fearfulness. Later, we went for a ride to Fort Funston...and worked on more issues. He was totally dedicated to Stella the whole time. Also, he offered countless encouraging, informational emails/texts/calls. Awesome customer service! Thank you Jeff! It's amazing how much difference you made in one afternoon."

Dog's Name: Blue
Breed: Shepherd/Weimaraner mix
Owners: David B. and Joel W.
Location: San Francisco
Issues: Puppy training (sit/stays, recalls, not jumping), leash pulling
Dog Training Client David B. and Blue

""Jeff has been working with our puppy, Blue (Shepherd/Weimaraner mix), since just after we adopted her at eight weeks. From the beginning, Jeff established a strong bond with Blue, with a firm, gentle hand and a loving manner. He taught Blue how to focus on him and on us, and she quickly understood the rewards of paying close attention and looking to us for confirmation before acting. Jeff reinforced her recall and taught her how to heel and walk securely on a short lead. Blue is a confident, outgoing, expressive dog, and needs the same qualities in her dog trainer; Jeff is one of her favorite, special people, and she loves the attention and reinforcement she gets from him every time they interact. Jeff has a remarkable relationship with dogs and a keen understanding of how they think, learn, and respond to stimuli. Highly recommended with no hesitation!"

Dog's Name: Roxy
Breed: French Bulldog
Owners: Kristin C. and Adam K.
Location: San Francisco
Issues: Remedial training: Potty training, adjustment to city living
Dog Training Client Roxy & Laura

""Jeff was terrific!! I contacted him prior to picking up my new one year old French Bulldog...she was still only one year old and I knew the adjustment from suburban to city life may be tough. Jeff returned my call within 30 minutes of my voice mail and immediately started imparting advice. He asked all about the new Frenchie and truly took an interest in her upbringing thus far. The first phone call lasted 30 minutes, and in that time he gave me a lot of advice and training tips just for the 9 hour car ride home from the Las Vegas breeder to San Francisco.

Jeff gave fantastic tips just in the first few days that made her potty training and overall adjustment go much smoother. The support we felt from Jeff made adding a new dog so much easier. We knew anything that came up, we had an amazing resource to turn to to help correct the behavior. By the time Jeff came to meet our dog, I felt like we had worked together for much longer than a month. The visit went great. He walked in, didn't address the dog, and started talking to us about the training. Our Frenchie was so calm and quiet, it was so cute watching her fixate on Jeff. Then he started communicating with her and she instantly bonded. It was amazing. Jeff really taught us how to train our dog."




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